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Kindness Gala

The Kindness Gala is a party that we hold every October to raise money for local charities. If you would like to know more about the foundation, please contact me or visit the website.

Kindness Gala

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A Girl With A Cape

My wife writes a Children’s Book that is sweeping Illinois. I help her book appearances, manage the funds and publish the books. If you would like a book, please visit the site.

Got Your Cape

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ready to get healthy

I guide people who are looking to eat healthier and feel better about themselves. I thought I was in good health when I started. Now, at 50, I’m in better shape than 15 years ago when I was cop.

Ready To Get Healthy

Law Enforcement

During the day, I train high school students on how to be the police. Yes, high school. I am a retired cop and now teach these kids martial arts, combat training, force on force and of course, law. It’s a real fun class!

Business Building

With over 10 years experience with network marketing, direct sales and business start-ups, I provide guidance for new, or old, business builders in these booming professions.

Look for my book summer 2017

FULL HEART publishing

Besides our own books, we have helped dozens of authors get their book into print. We have learned from trial and error so you don’t have to.

Look for my book summer 2017

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